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AV Antonov
Nucleic Acids Res. 2011 Jul;39(Web Server issue):W323-7. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkr372.

Gene List submission page provides you most comprehensive analytical toolkit for interpretation of a gene list. In one submission your gene list will be analyzed by several recently developed web tools . The gene list will be profiled in respect to almost all available information regarding gene function, interactions and pathway relationships.

Attach a text file with a gene/protein lists(one gene ID per line)help.
Please, do not attach Excel, pdf, or other file types.
Gene list upload
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*It is assumed that your gene list was selected based on genome-wide analyses (i.e. as a reference set all genes from the corresponding genome are used). If this is not generally true then you must use another submission page where you can upload also the reference gene set.

Gene and Protein identifiers

You can submit several types of gene or protein identifiers. They will be automatically processed. For example, for the human genome supports Entrez Gene Id, Gene Symbol, UniProt/Swiss-Prot, HUGO Gene Symbol, UniGene, Ensembl, RefSeq Protein ID, RefSeq Transcript ID, and most Affymetrix probe codes.

File format

Please, check that you are submitting text file with one gene Id per line. Additionally, the gene list with less then 10 identifiers in most cases makes little sense for statistical analysis.


Please visit our example Gallery to get quick guide of results one can get using our tools.

Scientific Gallery

Please visit our Scientific Gallery. Here we present recently published most interesting papers which used our tools for interpretations of experimental data to address important biological issues.

How to produce high-quality images

Please note that you can produce high-quality graphical figures of the network models produced by spider tools (KEGG spider, PPI spider, R spider, Ccancer spider). Please, read instructions here.


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