ProfCom GO

ProfCom GO implements ProfCom statistical framework to identify overrepresented Gene Ontology terms, as well as, "complex classes" constructed as Boolean combination of available GO terms. As input, ProfCom GO accepts a list of genes. As output, a list of enriched "complex classes" is provided. Single, pair, triplet or quadruplet combinations of GO terms are considered (joined by "AND", "NOT" logical operators). In general, 'complex classes' provides more specific biological function for a subset of genes in the submitted list.

Reference: if you will find the results produced by ProfCom usefull, please cite:
1. Antonov A.V., Schmidt T, Wang Y, Mewes HW ProfCom: a web tool for profiling the complex functionality of gene groups identified from high-throughput data. Nucleic Acids Research, 2008, Vol. 36, No. suppl_2 W347-W351.