CCancer & PLIPS


CCancer is an automatically collected database of gene lists, which were reported mostly by experimental studies in various biological and clinical contexts. At the moment, the database covers more then 3500 gene lists extracted from 3000 papers published in ~100 peer-reviewed journals. As input, CCancer accepts a gene list. An enrichment analyses is implemented to generate, as output, a highly informative survey over recently published studies that report gene lists, which significantly intersect with the query gene list. A report on gene pairs from the input list which were frequently reported together by other biological studies is also provided. More details can be found in the original publication .


By searching through major proteomics journals, we have collected more then 1000 independent studies published recently, which reported about 1500 different protein lists. On the basis of this data, we developed a computational tool PLIPS (Protein Lists Identified in Proteomics Studies). PLIPS accepts as input a list of protein/gene identifiers. With the use of statistical analyses, PLIPS infers recently published proteomics studies, which report protein lists that significantly intersect with a query list. More details can be found in the original publication .

Reference: if you will find the results produced by CCancer & PLIPS usefull, please cite both:

1. Dietmann S, Lee W, Wong P,Rodchenkov I, Antonov AV CCancer: a birds eye view on gene lists reported in cancer-related studies. Nucleic Acids Research, 2010, Vol. 38, No. suppl_2 W118-W123.

2. Antonov AV, Dietmann S, Wong P, Rodchenkov I, Mewes HW PLIPS, an Automatically Collected Database of Protein Lists Reported by Proteomics Studies. J. Proteome Res., 2009, 8 (3), pp 1193-1197.