GeneSet2miRNA implements the ProfCom statistical framework to identify whether or not a gene list has a signature of microRNA-regulatory activity. As input, GeneSet2miRNA accepts a list of genes. As output, a list of miRNA-regulatory models is provided. A miRNA-regulatory model is a group of miRNAs (single, pair, triplet or quadruplet) that is predicted to regulate a significant subset of genes from the submitted list.

Reference: if you will find the results produced by GeneSet2MiRNA usefull, please cite:
1. Antonov A.V., Dietmann S, Wong P,Lutter D, Mewes HW GeneSet2miRNA: finding the signature of cooperative miRNA activities in the gene lists. Nucleic Acids Research, 2009, Vol. 37, No. suppl_2 W323-W328.